A start-up initiative by IG Lebenszyklus Bau in cooperation with ten of Austria’s leading companies in the building industry.

How it all began – Digitize today’s building industry


DBS was in search of digital and disruptive solutions for planning, building, operating and financing as well as the transaction of buildings in 2017 for the first time.


The digital twin is the focal point: A digital image of the real building that is available at any time to all participants involved in the planning process, from the actual planning and building, to the operation of the building.

The added value becomes reality in all phases of the building. Some examples: Design processes become precisely and quickly coordinated with each other. In the construction phase, the construction site logistics become controllable, while even the accounting can be planned and be transparent. For financing, the evaluation of items is more precise. During operation, maintenance is better planned based on improved data.


The digital twin revolutionizes the construction and real estate sector with an entirely new structural, organizational and cultural orientation.

Digital Twin Infographic

The DBS initiative has set its sights on discovering and making usable digital potentials for the building industry. Sought after are completely new ideas as well as transformable solutions from other industries. New models and data are at the center: The „line of thinking“ thus far when handling data is a „functional thinking“ that spans the processes. Thus, this provides structured data that are perpetuated in designing and building for the operation, resulting in only the necessary data being provided.


DBS is in search of software and hardware solutions or services to connect design, build, operate and finance/transaction with the digital twin as the backdrop. Thus far, each reacts to one another separately.


Ideally, submitted solutions can be used cross-sectoral in designing, building, operating as well as financing and transaction.    

Winners 2017

ComfyLight AG

Today’s home security devices only detect intrusions – when it’s too late, and based on privacy-intrusive data (camera). ComfyLight combines burglar protection and prevention in a single device, with only non-intrusive occupancy data. The company is dedicated to generating novel home security products and services for everyone. Their first product ComfyLight is a new and innovative home security solution built within an LED lamp, which protects your home actively from burglary.

Insite LMS – Lean management system

Insite IT develops software solutions for material tracking and construction site management for large construction sites. The goal is to have all relevant information available at any time and simply at the push of a button, in order to minimize search and standing times, document deviations and increase the quality in the processing of a large project. Since its founding in 2012, Insite IT has continuously become a professional partner for plant engineers.

PlanRadar GmbH (former DRS DefectRadar GmbH)

Annoying and inefficient recording of tasks and defects, inefficient and incomplete communication, information opacity, unsatisfying adjustments and additional costs: These are the key areas PlanRadar is addressing with their cloudbased SaaS solution for construction documentation, defect and task management in construction and real estate projects. The company offers a web application for all browsers and native apps for all smartphones and tablets.

Tablet Solutions GmbH

On-site documentation requirements are increasing, but field engineers are not capable to fulfill them, necessary plans and documents onsite are paper based and often outdated, faster order to cash cycles and improved cost transparency. Tablet Solutions developed WorkHeld, a SaaS Field-managment Solution for industrial service technicians and engineers. It is the first of its kind to offer hands-free voice assistance. Its like Siri for field engineers.

Finalists 2017


The following start-ups have qualified for the FINAL PITCH on September 12th in Vienna:



Allthings Technology AG

Real estate owners increase transparency and value of assets while property management becomes digital and more efficient. Allthings improves and simplifies the life of users in buildings. It improves communication with tenants, allows new business models powered by local partners and supports smart living approaches. Allthings builds beautiful, modular applications for property users, which bundle various digital functionalities and services (“Micro Applications”) for a better life and work in buildings.

Cleverciti Systems GmbH

Drivers spend up to 30% of their time looking for a parking space. Parking search traffic causes significant, additional environmental impact. Cities have up to 80% gap in parking space revenue. Cleverciti parking sensors analyse and measure parking spaces in real time and allow cities and parking operators to manage their on-street parking in a smart and efficient way.

DOOZER Real Estate Systems GmbH

DOOZER eliminates inefficiencies caused by multiple internal and external involved stakeholders, different distributed tools and systems (from paper to cloud) by offering a one-stop software solution which end-to-end digitizes the whole process. DOOZER is a B2B cloud software solution for the professional residential housing industry that improve and enhance the holistical process of apartment refurbishment.

Group Builder Oy

GBuilder is digitalizing the building process and bringing the end user into the process. Better customer service, less manual work and waste, more upselling and profit, better timetables, less mistakes and real time and updated BIM models. GBuilder is a BIM based CRM Project Management tool for builders that enables scalable and dynamic Virtual Reality.

Gustav (Beavr GmbH)

Gustav is building a self-onboarding, SaaS version of a VMS for small and medium sized businesses that is webbased. Usually this kind of a software is very expensive and difficult to implement and not suitable for small and medium sized companies. Gustav is a platform for small and medium sized businesses to manage relationships to and transactions with their staffing suppliers and non-employee workers.

Moderan Solutions OÜ

Research shows that inadequate lease data leads to an up to 10% discount on property value, which means millions of euros. Furthermore, without proper tools, owners loose thousands of euros of income each year and waste hours on data administration. Moderan is a simple online software for commercial real estate lease management. We give professional, easy-to-use tools to the 65% of commercial property owners and managers that still work in Excel because existing solutions are too big and complex.


PAYUCA solves major problems of car drivers in cities: the exasperating hunt for parking space. Moreover our solution responds to the garage owners’ pain points, which include 30% average vacancy and high operational costs. PAYUCA Smart Parking allows people in cities to find an affordable parking space in existing private underground parking garages. With our unique access system, our users can find, book, and pay for short- or long-term parking in parking garages.

Sablono GmbH

Lack of information on the progression of a construction site as well as all related offsite production and delivery processes often results in tremendous delays, waste and wrong decisions. Sablono brings real-time info to construction management. Sablono provides the first real-time management platform for the planning and execution of large and complex construction projects. The company was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from TU Berlin and is today supported by its partners and investors.


Senvisys develops innovative sensing-solutions that analyze mechanical solid-body vibrations. The primary field is the cable-less early train detection where the rails are used as medium. senvisys is an innovative start-up that was founded at the University of Saarland and won the first Accelerator Price of Deutsche Bahn Mindbox, which resulted in a cooperation contract.

Symvaro GmbH

A burning issue of water providers is the management of their main business engine, the water meter, which gets more and more complex due to legal, organisational and cultural changes. Symvaro is a software provider and specialist for Software-as-a-Service solutions in the areas of water and waste. The newest products is WATERLOO (, a cutting-edge software which can manage the complete lyfecycle of water meters.

TeDaLoS GmbH

Existing systems require long lead times, inhibit technical risks, are inflexible and end up with long contract durations between customer and supplier. They are complex and costly to use and ask the customer to accept strategic and security risks. IT SW+HW company with European footprint: A complete IoT solution comprising sensors, devices, connectivity, cloud software and business intelligence for monitoring your goods‘ amount, condition and location – for worldwide application.

Corporate Partners


ATP architects engineers has offices in eight locations in DACH & CEE countries with more than 650 employees. 40 years of experience make ATP the branch leader in the „integrated design“ of lifecycle-oriented buildings (real estate, commerce, production/logistics/research). In the preliminary stage, ATP plans with consulting companies (food, health, residential, tourism) that provide structural support to the building core processes. ATP has been planning directly with BIM since 2014, which optimally supports a cooperative planning culture.

From the idea and conception to planning and construction right through to management, maintenance and economic utilization, we find efficient solutions of sustainable value. We are specialized in educational facilities such as schools and universities, special-purpose properties with great complexity as well as private and commercial real estate. In addition to this, we offer our property management and facility services across the whole of Austria.

BUWOG Group is the leading German-Austrian full-service provider in the residential property business and now looks back on 65 years of expertise. Its property portfolio encompasses more than 50,700 units and is located in Germany and Austria. In addition to Asset Management, the entire value chain of the residential sector is covered by Property Sales and Property Development. The shares of BUWOG AG have been listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt am Main, Vienna (ATX) and Warsaw since the end of April 2014.

ENGIE is represented worldwide in 70 countries and is a leader in renewable energies, energy efficiency and digital technologies. 153,090 employees generated sales of € 66.6 billion in 2016. ENGIE Austria offers plants, service and energy and is the right contact for the entire lifecycle of your building. ENGIE Gebäudetechnik GmbH, ENGIE Energie GmbH and ENGIE Kältetechnik GmbH engineer, build and operate the latest technical systems and buildings and supply them sustainably with energy. 1,000 employees at 23 locations provided services worth € 217 million in 2016.

ILF Consulting Engineers (ILF) consists of several international and independent engineering and consulting companies with more than 50 years of experience in various fields of competence. ILF provides comprehensive, full-scope services for major industrial and infrastructure projects. ILF operates main offices in Rum/Innsbruck (Austria) and Munich (Germany), and more than forty offices worldwide. A permanent staff of over 2000 is employed to develop convincing project solutions for demanding customers.

Kommunalkredit combines the strengths of a bank with the know-how of an infrastructure specialist. Thus, Kommunalkredit acts as a bridge between infrastructure developers, such as municipalities, public-sector enterprises or private project operators, on the one hand, and institutional investors, such as insurance companies or pension funds, on the other hand. Kommunalkredit’s main focus is on projects in the areas of social infrastructure, transport and energy and the environment.

Microsoft has become the worldwide leading software manufacturer for the platform and productivity providers. Microsoft’s products help people and companies from all sectors maximize their potential and achieve more in a mobile and cloud-first world. Microsoft represents safety and reliability, innovation and integrity as well as openness and flexibility; It is a driving force in digital transformation. With its comprehensive product and service portfolio, as well as a large partner network, Microsoft accompanies its customers along their individual paths to digital transformation.

We don’t want to be among the biggest construction companies in Europe, we want to be among the best.


We have a motto for the way we do business at PORR: intelligent construction connects people. Our goal is to bring together our high standards regarding quality, technology and efficiency with every person involved in a project – whether a builder or a user. After all, we build with and for people. Values such as trustworthiness, reliability, customer focus and teamwork are an important part of our identity, as is an approach based on partnerships.

The Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) is the essential platform for technology startups, established companies and interested market participants to exchange their information and knowledge based on a digitalized real estate industry within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

REIN is supported by an independent advisory board of industry and science. The goal is the identification of impulses for current trends and developments of the real estate industry, to promote them and to make them public. Expo Real is the key forum of REIN: startup companies use REIN as a 3-day event to present their innovations, products and new business ideas to their potential target group. The event is integrated in the agenda of Expo Real and offers the chance of making contacts to potential customers, business partners and investors.

The best startup companies will be awarded by a professional jury.

REIN – the startup ecosystem for the real estate industry.

Siemens Austria is among the leading technology companies of the country. About 10,200 employees work for Siemens in Austria. In 2016, Siemens generated revenue of approximately €3.3 billion. The business operations focus on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. These include systems and services for power generation, power transmission and power distribution as well as energy-efficient products, solutions for production, transport and building technologies and technologies for high- quality and integrated medical equipment.  


Automation technologies, software and data analytics play a key role in these areas. With its six production facilities across Austria, several competence centres all over the world and regional expertise distributed throughout the country, Siemens Austria contributes to a great extent to the domestic value creation. In the past financial year, Purchasing volume from outside suppliers of the Siemens AG amounted to approximately €1 billion considering the total of 10,500 suppliers, of which 6,700 business partners are from Austria. Siemens Austria does not only bear the business responsibility for the domestic market, but also for 18 other countries in the region of central and South-Eastern Europe as well as for Israel.

Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industrial facilities, as well as 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, telecommunications. Wien Energie offers heating, cooling and decentralised products such as citizen investment models directly. Electricity and gas are sold via the subsidiary Wien Energie Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG. With a turnover of EUR 2,056,7 million (2016), Wien Energie can be counted among Austria’s top 50 companies in terms of turnover. In the 2016 financial, Wien Energie GmbH employed an average of 2,652 employees in the various different company divisions. Wien Energie Group is therefore one of the largest employers in the Austrian capital.



IG Lebenszyklus Bau comprises approximately 70 companies and institutions from the construction and real estate industries in Austria. The association was founded in 2012 to support builders in planning, construction, financing and managing buildings that have been comprehensively optimized to the lifecycle. In interdisciplinary, cross-functional work groups, IG Lebenszyklus Bau has already developed numerous guidelines, models and performance reports, also to provide a basis to use digital solutions in a process-oriented, effective way. In 2017, the association launched Digital Building Solutions (DBS), a CEE-wide start-up-campaign under the motto „Digitize today’s building industry“ that sought for completely new ideas for the building industry as well as transformable solutions from other industries.



DealMatrix – the standard in venture scouting

By structuring complex data in a professional way DealMatrix enables with its SaaS Platform investors, corporate scouts and startup event organisers to analyse and judge on relevant criteria time efficient. All stakeholders thus benefit from this new experience of swift, data-driven and transparent venture decision making.

Core functionalities include dealflow management, efficient filtering, screening, scoring, reporting, benchmarking and data analytics supplemented with services such as scout and source.

Set as standard the new platform reduces hours of redundant data entry for applications, eliminates non-standardized excel-sheets as well as pitch decks that are not comparable. Thus increasing efficiency, accuracy, comparability and transparency. Benefits that aid not only analysts but at the same time the Startup community. DealMatrix also offers with the APP SCORE a powerful tool for any kind of pitch event with different capabilities such as jury or audience voting.


weXelerate weXelerate is a startup & innovation hub with a unique and thriving ecosystem of open innovation that aims to connect startups  and established corporates. Each year the weXelerate Accelerator supports the 100 most promising European startups with a focus  on energy and infrastructure, industry 4.0, media, insurance and banking, as well as cross-industries such as internet of things,  artificial intelligence, bots, mobility, blockchain and cyber security. To our corporate partners we offer a tailormade innovation program  that ensures individualized access to current innovation methods, processes and trending topics in the industry.