How it all began – Digitize today’s building industry


DBS was in search of digital and disruptive solutions for planning, building, operating and financing as well as the transaction of buildings in 2017 for the first time.


The digital twin is the focal point: A digital image of the real building that is available at any time to all participants involved in the planning process, from the actual planning and building, to the operation of the building.

The added value becomes reality in all phases of the building. Some examples: Design processes become precisely and quickly coordinated with each other. In the construction phase, the construction site logistics become controllable, while even the accounting can be planned and be transparent. For financing, the evaluation of items is more precise. During operation, maintenance is better planned based on improved data.


The digital twin revolutionizes the construction and real estate sector with an entirely new structural, organizational and cultural orientation.

Digital Twin Infographic

The DBS initiative has set its sights on discovering and making usable digital potentials for the building industry. Sought after are completely new ideas as well as transformable solutions from other industries. New models and data are at the center: The „line of thinking“ thus far when handling data is a „functional thinking“ that spans the processes. Thus, this provides structured data that are perpetuated in designing and building for the operation, resulting in only the necessary data being provided.


DBS is in search of software and hardware solutions or services to connect design, build, operate and finance/transaction with the digital twin as the backdrop. Thus far, each reacts to one another separately.


Ideally, submitted solutions can be used cross-sectoral in designing, building, operating as well as financing and transaction.